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Private detective Poland – INTER SECURUS

INTER SECURUS is a Detective Agency in Poland that has been operating on the market since 1998. Zenon Zalewski, the owner of the company and a recognized detective, cooperates only with experienced, qualified and competent professionals. If there is a need, we consult legal advisors, lawyers, forensic experts and experts from various fields.

We run legal Private detective Poland
activity and our company bought a compulsory civil liability insurance for EUR 15,000 at PZU S.A.

Due to the membership in the World Association of Detectives (W.A.D.) and International Police Association (I.P.A.) we can implement the tasks in all countries of the world. Such membership significantly extends the field of our activity and the resources that a detective can use. However, Łódź is a centre of our operations and here we most often help our clients. We offer our services to business entities as well as individuals. Economic intelligence, combating dishonest competition, investigating crimes, detecting betrayals, inheritance and insurance issues as well as searching missing people are our daily routine.

Private detective Poland

If you associate a private detective only with detective stories, it's time to change your attitude and seek professional help. As INTER SECURUS, we have solved the puzzles that no one else dared to take. Due to over two decades of experience and a wide range of competences, our well- coordinated team of professionals can explain the matters that otherwise would remain in the sphere of mystery forever.

We treat each client individually and we are proud of high efficiency in solving the cases. At the same time, we maintain all ethical standards and attach great importance to professional confidentiality. Information collected in reports remains strictly confidential and are assigned only to the client`s knowledge. Two thousand satisfied customers cannot be wrong – Zenon Zalewski is one of the best detectives in Łódź and in its neighbourhood.

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